American Hospital Association

GM Sectec is an American Hospital Association Preferred Cybersecurity Service Provider for Cyber Defense Payment System Risk Services and Data Protection as a Service.


American Hospital Association

Our multidisciplinary group of industry-experienced professionals maintain relationships with intelligence agencies, regulatory authorities, and private agencies to better support our clients in their prevention, response, and investigation of cyber threats and incidents. Many of our professionals have backgrounds and experience in healthcare, both with hospitals as well as medical device and software companies, and carry a keen understanding of the cyber threats and challenges facing American hospitals today.

GM Sectec Services 

DataPreserve – Data Protection as a Service

Professional and technical services to protect information assets, i.e., EMR, ePHI, PII, and institutional data and files against usable theft, compromise, and extortion.

Cyber Defense Payment System Risk Services

Professional and technical services for the assessment and guidance of the appropriate controls, safeguards, policies and processes and standards, and professional services for Payment Security and Fraud investigation, forensics and prevention.

“GM Sectec has been selected by the AHA as an excellent solution provider for their Cyber Defense Payment System Risk Services and Data Protection as a Service. We can confidently recommend GM Sectec’s selected services to our nation’s hospitals and health systems to support their never-ending efforts to defend their organizations and patients against sophisticated cyber threats and ransomware attacks.”

- John Riggi, National Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk, American Hospital Association

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