Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Quickly determine the source, cause and extent of a security breach with GM Sectec. Or work proactively with the GM Sectec team to better understand your cyberthreat preparedness.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response Practice

Digital-Forensics Our digital forensic analysts have a primary role in safeguarding the data of cybercrime victims and effectively tracking cybercriminals.

GM Sectec uses specialized tools, techniques and procedures for evidence, analysis, preservation, and resolution to include determination of attribution, contribution, and cause of the incident or breach.

GM Sectec is 1 of the 20 companies certified and authorized by the PCI SSC with our own laboratory, this allows us to perform these jobs around the world on behalf of companies such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB (the latter based in Japan).

Ransomware Readiness

Ransomware Prevention Matters

Our Incident Response handlers can assess, identify, and remediate gaps in your organization. Through best of breed people, technology, and processes; GM Sectec can handhold through the entire lifecycle. Bolstered by leading edge manufactures in the backup recovery and XDR sectors and following the latest best practices and attack intelligence our Ransomware Readiness toolkit includes:

  • Attack Surface Management Mapping
  • Recover Faster with Data Protection & Resiliency as-a-Service underpinned by four award winning global CIRRCs
  • Put our team on speed dial with SLA-driven response times

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"These world class services executed from our PCI Certified Digital Forensics Lab here in Puerto Rico are exported to Europe, the Americas and Australia"

Héctor Guillermo Martínez President GM Sectec


Our Experts Working for You

A quick and efficient response to a cyberattack can save you time and money in the long run. GMSectec Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) consulting services allow you to determine the source, cause and extent of a security breach quickly, and to better prepare for the inevitable incident.

What DFIR Brings to You?

Multifaceted reactive emergency response and proactive incident readiness services available.

As-needed consulting services via a DFIR emergency response retainer.

The ability to transfer unused emergency response retainer hours to other IR readiness program services for a minimum purchase.

Our incident responders work with your team to deliver an investigation that is cognizant of industry regulations.