Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions


To achieve PCI compliance efficiently and affordably, we recommend a method called “resizing”. Our preferred descoping technique is to remove sensitive data from your internal systems, exchange it for a nonsensitive placeholder, and then store it safely outside of your environment—minimizing your PCI footprint without disrupting ongoing business operations.

OT & IoT Security as a Service

Continuously discovering, analyzing, and monitoring all OT, IT and IIOT assets within the operational environment, GM Sectec aggregates security events and digital risks from across the entire OT network. It then correlates the risks and alerts and prioritizes them based on their impact on operational and business continuity.


Managed in the cloud and powered by FirstFire a GM Solution technology providing the industry's most comprehensive vulnerability coverage across payment systems. Your complete end-to-end vulnerability management suite.

Managed Detection Response & Recovery (MDR²)

MDR² is the most advanced threat detection and response available today. It builds on previous generation (like MDR) to increase protection across your attack surface.