Enabling a Cyber Secure future underpinned by 24x7x365 continuous security support.

Working at GM Sectec

At GM Sectec, we eat, sleep and breathe cyber defense, governance, risk management and fraud prevention. We’re looking for future-ready people who want to change the world by managing, mitigating and remediating cyber risk one client at a time. Join the brightest minds in cybersecurity today, and let's grow together. We are GM Sectec, and we can’t wait to meet you.


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GM Sectec's Values


We are passionate about working closely with our clients to provide them with a cyber-secure present and future.

Sense of Mission

We are very much aware of how our mission contributes to enhancing the security and resilience of our clients. When they win, we win.


Cyber security demands focus and dedication. Our passion fuels our ability and desire to provide clients with laser focused services to bring about success in their operations.


As a minority led business, we are intimately aware of the diversity of people and perspectives in the business world and know how to embrace these differences to bring about success in our clients specific environment.

Non-Negotiable Principles

For over 50 years we have built an ethos, or corporate character, based on the unwavering principles of integrity, innovation, consistency and clarity.