Managed Detection Response & Recovery (MDR²)

Perceive, Perform & Perfect. Predictable Cyberspace Operations.

What is Managed Detection Response & Recovery (MDR²)?

MDR² is the most advanced threat detection and response available today. It builds on previous generation (like MDR) to increase protection across your attack surface. Leveraging human and machine analysis, it provides 24x7 monitoring and detection, rapid investigation and mitigation, and expert threat identification and hunting all underpinned by GM Sectec's industry leading DataPreserve offering providing near absolute continuity and monitored recovery.

Why Managed Detection Response & Recovery (MDR²)?

Managed detection and response is a relatively new model for organizations that wish to augment their in-house cyber security capabilities or fill gaps in their existing security coverage.

Global Critical Incident Response & Replication Centers (CIRRCs)

GM Sectec Security Operations Centers, known internally as 'CIRRCs', differ from traditional security operations centers when it comes to delivering effective cyber security. In addition to security device monitoring and alerting, GM Sectec CIRRCs have extended capabilities for advanced threat detection and real-time incident response, containment and remediation. Additionally, GM Sectec covers the entire lifecycle of a security incident--from initial detection through returning an organization back to steady state operation—all under one roof by a global team of security professionals solely dedicated to protecting your business.






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