OT & IoT Security as a Service

Internet connected devices create new challenges for security, protect the ecosystem across OT, IoT and Big Data workloads.

Reducing the Noise, Focusing on Meaningful Data

Continuously discovering, analyzing, and monitoring all OT, IT and IOT assets within the operational environment, GM Sectec aggregates security events and digital risks from across the entire OT network. It then correlates the risks and alerts and prioritizes them based on their impact on operational and business continuity. In doing so, GM Sectec significantly reduces alert fatigue – reducing thousands of security events into a manageable number of prioritized insights – helping security teams to focus only on the most relevant data.

IT - OT Cyber Transformation & Convergence

For many years, industrial systems relied upon proprietary protocols and software, were manually managed and monitored by humans, and had no connection to the outside world. For this reason, they were a fairly insignificant target for hackers as there was no networked interface to attack and nothing to gain or destroy. The only way to infiltrate these systems was to obtain physical access to a terminal and this was no easy task. OT and IT integrated little and did not deal with the same kinds of vulnerabilities.

Today, it's a very different story as we see more industrial systems brought online to deliver big data and smart analytics as well as adopt new capabilities and efficiencies through technological integrations. IT-OT convergence gives organizations a single view of industrial systems together with process management solutions that ensure accurate information is delivered to people, machines, switches, sensors and devices at the right time and in the best format. When IT and OT systems work in harmony together, new efficiencies are discovered, systems can be remotely monitored and managed and organizations can realize the same security benefits that are used on administrative IT systems.

This transition from closed to open systems has generated a slew of new security risks that need to be addressed.

Features and Benefits

OT & IoT Security as a Service


Simplify management across devices and locations with visibility of any activities from one single platform
OT & IoT Security as a Service


Continuous monitoring with smart AI detection and event-based incidents to protect your organization.

OT & IoT Security as a Service


Understand business insights with intelligent best in class analytics to improve operational efficiency
OT & IoT Security as a Service


Intuitive web-based portal for easy configuration and management of all sensors and systems from anywhere.

Critical Incident Response & Replication Centers (CIRRCs)

GM Sectec Security Operations Centers, known internally as 'CIRRCs', differ from traditional security operations centers when it comes to delivering effective cyber security. In addition to security device monitoring and alerting, GM Sectec CIRRCs have extended capabilities for advanced threat detection and real-time incident response, containment and remediation. Additionally, GM Sectec covers the entire lifecycle of a security incident--from initial detection through returning an organization back to steady state operation—all under one roof by a global team of security professionals solely dedicated to protecting your business.