Crypto Forensics & Crypto Compliance Rapid Response

Unlocking the power of blockchain to pinpoint flow of fund and linking suspicious activity to real world entities.

With GM Sectec’s practice you can measure and proactively monitor risk across cryptocurrency businesses.

GM Sectec’s Crypto Forensics & Compliance practice addresses the 24x7x365 Eyes on Glass need to ensure the Crypto market complies with real world demands.

Our specialist led team enables regulators, business and processors to implement crypto asset regulations and ensure AML compliance. Our platform will also allow regulators to supervise crypto entities in their jurisdictions to make better informed license enablement and renewal decisions.

We also support the entire lifecycle of Crypto Forensic Investigations and Ransomware Response Investigations powered by blockchain intelligence with the ultimate goal of determining attribution, contribution and cause of the incident and/or breach.

  • The public nature of blockchains and impressive new analytical tools have enabled effective tracing and recovery of digital assets.
  • Anti-money laundering and know-your-customer procedures play an important role in thwarting cryptocurrency-related crime.
  • Law enforcement will continue to make blockchain analysis a priority to keep pace with new and innovative criminal schemes.

Gauges Risk:




Investment funds


Initial coin offerings


Other virtual asset businesses

To Protect:






Business partners


Banks and other financial institutions


"We are partnering with GM Sectec to bring trust to those types of payments where someone wants to buy a cryptocurrency and exchange to fiat currency so that they are able to effectively use it in our ecosystem."

Eduardo Perez SVP & Regional Risk Officer Visa International