We are the only organization in our region to provide on-location and remote monitoring services from three geographically displaced Critical Incident Response & Replication Centers (CIRRC) that serve our clients 24 / 7 / 365 to ensure compliance with the highest levels of performance and availability.

CIRRC is a next-generation security facility that combines workflow and correlated data from multiple areas of client organizations, security devices and technologies. CIRRC creates a single vision of monitoring and enforcement for GMSecTec’s geographically displaced customer operations. This state-of-the-art converged security center provides business-critical security services that integrate the assurance of the enterprise, the integrity of the client’s data, and the safety of your workforce.

CIRRC, established by using technologies and best practices developed by GMSecTec, supports a global log aggregation of more than 1,400 security devices and 250,000 end nodes from more than 500 regional sites.

Within the GMSecTec CIRRC, a team of highly skilled analysts continuously monitor the IT and security environments, responding to immediate threats and vulnerabilities, malware and data leakage. The team monitors for physical security-related incidents, such as diversion and management loss, as well as threats of violence, and assists in event protection from afar by integrating alerts from GMSecTec Security & Safety Management Solution.

With this single integrated view of the global enterprise, analysts can provide advice, guidance and remediation to our client base at all levels of their management hierarchy, feeding critical information into the continuous improvement cycle of its security strategy.

Managing Advanced Threats

Managing Advanced Threats

Managing Fraud

Managing Fraud

Managing It Risk

Managing IT Risk

Providing Compliance

Providing Compliance