Perhaps one of the most vexing security challenges companies face today is to make sure sensitive information in employees’ mobile devices stays protected from misuse or theft, ending up in the wrong hands or otherwise compromised.

We protect your mobility with an absolute, persistence technology, the most powerful in the market. Whether the device is corporate-owned or employee-owned BYOD (bring your own device), every laptop, tablet and smartphone registered in the system will be watched. When a disgruntled employee goes rogue or attempts to download sensitive company information, upload a virus or other type of data sabotage, or if a tablet is lost or a smartphone is stolen, we immediately access the device to either block it, remove the sensitive information and/or locate and search for it as needed, regardless of location.

Our solution can even inform clients (and regulators) if their sensitive information was accessed prior to taking any other action. Empowering our clients with more adequate inventory management and policy compliance controls over authorized-only software licenses, among other things, is one of our objectives.