Cyber Security

A new generation of cyber security

Cyber threats & risks are becoming more complex in nature and can have a direct impact on everything from share prices and revenue streams to regulatory compliance and brand reputation. Traditional information security practices can only address a number of threats and firewalls. Antivirus protections and systems for detecting and preventing intrusions are increasingly less and less effective, as attackers use encryption and other innovative techniques to evade them.

Cyber-Security requires more capability, people, processes and technology, all built on intelligent security rather than just information security. We combine a blend of new technologies, processes, channels and alliances, to provide our clients with the ability to operate with confidence and security under current markets conditions. While there is no way to predict every possible threat, having a smart response team of experts in place with developed capabilities to generate real-time threat analysis, detection and prevention, can make a big difference. With a clear understanding of our client’s valuables and what risks could impact them, we develop actionable intelligence that can anticipate threats before they even happen.